I fight for the user

Working in UX is partly about designing things, but mostly it’s about representing the user. I was reminded of this in the pub earlier this week when two new developer colleagues told me glad they were to have a permanent UX designer. It’s great to know that I’m working with a tech team that wants my input. One went on to say that I shouldn’t be swayed by pressure from tech and that I should fight for user experience. I chuckled at this because it reminded me of the immortal line from Tron Legacy.

I fired up Photoshop for a bit of Friday fun. Print this out big and stick it on the wall so that next time you’re feeling down-trodden, Tron can remind you why your role matters.

Tron, he probably wouldn't fit in at Microsoft. Click for the big version.

Let it also be a reminder that good design is about users, not design for design’s sake.

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  1. Brandon says:

    This is fantastic! Love the connection. Keep fighting the good fight.

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