MOO is an innovative online print company and key player in the ‘silicon roundabout’ tech start-up community. In 2012, with the arrival of NFC (near field communication) on popular smartphones, MOO trialled an experimental new product; a business card with a embedded rewritable NFC tag.

None of the NFC writer apps available for Android at the time came close to matching MOO’s product experience, so we created the NFC by MOO app, designed and developed in house to accompany the physical product.

As Senior User Experience Designer at MOO, I was responsible for the app’s interaction. I created an engaging experience that adhered to the native interaction patterns that Android users are familiar with while injecting some of MOO’s unique brand personality. I produced wireframes and build specifications, and worked with the development and QA teams to help ensure build quality.

The app is designed to make NFC less ‘techy’ and more fun, allowing users to write contacts, phone numbers, map links, or and other URL to MOO NFC Business Cards (and other NFC tags), and also to inspire them to do more with the product.

Wireframes for screen sequence to write map link

Wireframes for write contact card screen sequence

Visual design mocks for contact card app screens

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