I’ve touched on this topic here previously; to those who aren’t close to the process wireframes often the visible output of user experience design, and so it’s easy for outsiders to think that’s all there is to it. But wireframes are just one of many deliverables we have in our UX toolkit, and deliverables are (or should be) a small part of what we do.

When I was asked by one of my start-up clients, LoveCrafts, to give a lightning talk to the company about user experience design I thought “more than just wireframes” would be a good angle to help me communicate the breadth of activities, tools, disciplines and outputs that come under the user experience umbrella, and how these contribute to the product development process, all in 3 minutes, eek.

Prezi was the perfect tool for this:

Even without the narration, to me it illustrates what user experience design looks like, and illustrates the diversity of the field.

I’m pretty sure I ran over time by quite some margin but the presentation¬†went down very¬†well, with one person saying they wanted to become a UX designer – can’t ask for more than that!

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