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Online checkout analogy

Translating an online experience into a real life one is a great way of getting some perspective. This promo video from Google Analytics highlights all the mistakes of bad online… read more

Limited abilities

Today is my last day of having my arm in plaster. I wish I could say it had been a positive experience but, other than increasing my knowledge of world… read more

8 ways that Android got OS UI it right before iOS

Now I’ve switched to Android, I’m amazed at how much I dislike the iPhone I once loved. My switch was motivated by the lure of the tasty hardware of the… read more

CSS3 gradients and other goodies

Three weeks ago I broke my left arm. Design work is pretty much impossible with one hand, I can just about manage slow, one-handed typing. In at attempt to do… read more

Indecisive UI

I’ve clicked ‘unsubscribe’ from a mailing list… ‘I’m Not Sure’? Kind of amusing. I am quite sure, thanks – if I wasn’t I could just click back or close the window… read more

The sorry tale of the thumbwheel

One of Apple’s most iconic and successful pieces of interaction design has sadly become subject of a fundamentally flawed piece of reasoning that’s often banded about in design meetings: “If… read more

I fight for the user

Working in UX is partly about designing things, but mostly it’s about representing the user. I was reminded of this in the pub earlier this week when two new developer… read more

Using screen size data to inform UX

The interface I’m currently working on has a component that’s quite tall.  Screen sizes for desktop/laptop are becoming less, rather than more standard, diverging at both ends of the scale, and in… read more

Experiments with WordPress custom post types

Custom post types are a new thing in WordPress 3, and they had fallen under my radar until a friend sent me this article on building a video site using… read more