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14 ways user testing can go wrong (and how to make sure it doesn’t)

Thankfully the majority of businesses have come to appreciate that user testing is an invaluable tool in digital product design. Done right, this additional investment in product development pays dividends. But, businesses embarking... read more

Why hasn’t responsive design given us the mobile web we deserve?

Few digital designers and web developers would argue that responsive web design (specifically, that made possible by wide support for CSS3 media queries) has been a game changer for cross-platform browser services, making… read more

Presentation: There’s more to UX design than wireframes

I’ve touched on this topic here ; to those who aren’t close to the process wireframes often the visible output of user experience design, and so it’s easy for outsiders… read more

Capturing truth and lies in photography

Last weekend I wandered down to Southwark Street armed with my camera to see the melting house. I wasn’t sure what I could expect to see, how much of it… read more

Three qualities that make an outstanding UX designer

Re-posted from an article I wrote for 100 Shapes User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer, Digital Product Designer – whatever you choose to call it – is the job that every… read more

The UX gap: Thoughts on where user experience begins and ends

It doesn’t take long in any tech-related conversation before the acronyms begin to flow, because they’re a convenient way to express complex phrases in fewer syllables. Sometimes the acronyms we… read more

Is there more to wireframing than boxes and arrows?

Re-posted from an article I wrote for 100 Shapes The finer points of conveying the finer points When I was starting out as a digital designer, I found little or… read more

Streamlining interview data collection and analysis with Google Forms

Re-posted from an article I wrote for 100 Shapes Conducting effective depth interviews takes practice. During the interview you need to follow a script, really understand what the respondent is… read more

What the hack?

Being a designer can be tough – there are tight deadlines, difficult problems to solve and lots of interruptions. On top of that, we have to be creative on demand. Thankfully,… read more

Latest hack: Knitting Chart Sketch Toy

Blogging has taken a back seat recently due to too many exciting projects, rather than too few. One little thing I recently finished is a the Chart Sketch Toy, a tool… read more

MIDEM hackday 2012

Re-blogged from a post I wrote for I’m MOO’s Senior User Experience Designer, but in a past life I was a web developer. I love technology and spent much… read more

Shopping basket with WordPress

I’m always looking new ways to monetise my craft website, It’s a Stitch Up. I sell PDF knitting patterns, distributed through knitting community site Ravelry, earn commission though Amazon Associates links and accept… read more